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khronos_keeper [userpic]
by khronos_keeper (khronos_keeper)
at November 8th, 2006 (04:23 pm)

And still some more stuff, seeing as it's a little slow right now and I've got a bit of a surplus. :D Just some drabbles, none of them connected, really.

 I took the baby from Michelle's slender arms, cradling her in midair awkwardly, not wanting to let go until Michelle did. It was more importanat than usual, her attention being mostly fixed on the telephone that was gripped tight to her jaw and small shoulder. I felt the baby's weight tip more toward me, and I folded her quickly against my stomach, accidentally muffling a cry that she decided to emit when she felt her mother's hands leave her back and backside.
 Cupping the back of that tiny head, barely covered with the softest hair that felt like down, I shifted her so she wouldn't smother against her father, abashed. I caught the look Michelle had sent me, somewhere along the lines of, "Are you crazy?!" and a chiding "Max...." Yeah, I was the first to admit that I wasn't used to babies, but... God help me, I was pushing myself to be more vigilant about her than even my own safety at my job. Or, scratch that, more than watching my own partner's back on the job.
 The baby's impassioned squall directed my attention quickly to her, and I made a deep, soothing sound at her, pressing her slightly against me. She recognized Daddy's deep rumble thundering against her, and quieted somewhat, making disconsolate little whimpers.
 But that was okay. A hiccup and a sneeze proceded that, and I couldn't help but smile. She was so little and perfect. I rose her solid, comfortable weight so I could press a kiss to the delicate and soft temple, aware of the cracked skin of my lips against her pliant skin. She gave another little sound, a coo. My baby- she was known for her cooing.
 It all felt so right.
 I lowered the baby before she could take offense at the height she was at, holding her close against me again.
 Hearing Michelle's monlogue become short and firm, I knew she was about to get off the phone, and made a slow about face to reconoiter with her.
 Her face was shining from the soft lighting, her smile lending to it's radiance. "Ready to eat? I know I'm starved."
 I gave a smile, my nod transforming into a look down at the baby, who had gone comatose from the beat of her father's heart.
 It all felt just so damn perfect. So right. I transferred some of my contenment to Michelle's cheek, in the form of a kiss. Her husky chuckle and the baby's quiet burbling to herself was what I last remembered of that evening.

 My heart had been hammering in my chest, skipping and doubling, trippling its beat, thundering in my ears and deafening me to all else but them. As I stepped onto the slim, dwindling trail of blood, I plunged into


 I was slow, my body not moving as fast as my heart, which took beats between breaths that I never took. I was always, always  so     slow.
I lurched forward, Michelle's soft sobbing a dove's quiet cooing in the pitch black. The baby's cries were getting louder, more intense. I couldn't see, I couldn't see- I heard them, heard them quietly slipping into a place I would never be able to save them from, and I-
 I slipped, on the blood, toppling backwards into the nothing, the blackness, that wasn't death but despair slowly she said.
 The baby- her wailing, it surrounded me, enveloped me.
 It wasn't death or despair. But helplessness. I was able to take one, deep breath, and
 I screamed, howled, my lungs tearing from my chest
       right before I was going to make